What is .tokyo

The capital of Japan and one of the world's largest urban economies, Tokyo is a city of cutting-edge technology, luxury shopping, and world-class cuisine.
.tokyo is a new Top-Level Domain that represents Tokyo and instantly identifies Tokyo businesses, organizations, products, services and people online.

Why Choose a .tokyo Domain?

Be instantly recognized as a Tokyo related website

As one of the first ever city TLDs, .tokyo allows Tokyo residents, businesses and culturual or communty groups to link their online identity to the city's trusted and well recognised brands.

Your Brand(GMO.tokyo)、Your Name(SUZAN.tokyo)、Your Product(COMICS.tokyo)

Lots of High-Value Domains Available!

.tokyo is a brand new namespace. That means there are many opportunities to register clear, concise, memorable names. Registration of .tokyo names is open to all, no Tokyo address is required.

Clear and Memorable  Names(CAFE.tokyo、SUSHI.tokyo、HOTELS.tokyo)

Become a .tokyo Registrar

If you are interested in becoming a .tokyo registrar, please contact us here and we will be in touch with more information soon.