About Us

Corporate Information

Company Name GMO Registry, Inc.
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8512
Established July 28, 2009
Capital JPY490 million
Description of Business
TLD (Top Level Domain) Registry Operations and Management Management, operation and sales of TLDs for which GMO Registry is the Registry Operator; .shop, .tokyo, .nagoya, .yokohama
TLD Backend Registry Services and Support Services
Registry Service Provider. TLD management and operations.
Specialized TLD Backend Registry Services and Support Services for Brand TLDs
Management and operation of TLDs representing global brands including .canon, .hitachi, .toshiba
ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) Operations and Support
Management, operation and support for ccTLDs including Indonesia ccTLD, .id
ISIMS Certification ISO27001
Principal Shareholder GMO Internet, Inc.
Board of Directors
  • Chairperson of the Board of Directors: Masatoshi Kumagai
  • Representative Director and CEO: Hiro Tsukahara
  • Director: Yoshitake Tamura
  • Director: Yusuke Adachi
  • Auditor: Tomoyuki Furuya
  • Auditor: Takaaki Matsunaga
  • Auditor: Tomohisa Matsuba


July 2009 GMO Registry, Inc. is founded
April 2010 Contracted to provide backend registry operation and support services to the Federal Republic of Somalia for .so
May 2010 Partnership formed with Canon, Inc. to provide application and operation support for .canon
September 2011 Contracted to provide backend registry operation and support services to the Republic of Indonesia for .id
November 2011 GMO Registry receives official support from the Tokyo metropolitan government for .tokyo top level domain
April 2012 Contracted to provide backend registry operation and support services for Japanese Geo TLDs .okinawa and .ryukyu
July 2014 .tokyo opens for registration
May 2015 GMO Registry launches 20th brand TLD on behalf of brand clients
December 2015 Partnership formed with GMO Brights Consulting, Inc. to provider backend resgistry services to Brights Consulting customers
January 2016 GMO Registry acquires .shop in record-breaking ICANN public auction
September 2016 .shop opens registration
January 2017 .shop opens for registration in China
2010-2011 2010-2011

GMO Registry embarks on mission to acquire .shop

After the Internet Corporation for Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that it would open up an application round for new gTLDs, GMO Registry began preparing to apply for new gTLD .shop. The company began to forge ties with ecommerce associations around the world to better understand how we could serve the ecommerce community. At the same time we hosted a series of events at ICANN meetings around the world where we anounced our plans for .shop to the domain community on a gloabl scale.

2014 2014

GEO TLDs ".tokyo/.nagoya/.yokohama" Start

GMO Registry run for the operating company of ".tokyo" as Tokyo Metropolis called for in June 2011.
We presented plans for promoting ".tokyo", any contributions to Tokyo that we could make through the domain name and various policies to the judges specially invited by Tokyo Metropolis.
As a result, GMO Registry was selected in November 2011 and received the recommendation.
It is an essential requirement to gain recommendation from the applicable local government to be a registry operator of geographical domain name which contains high public nature.
GMO Registry was further received recommendations by City of Yokohama as well as City of Nagoya as ".yokohama" and ".nagoya" operator in March 2012.

After submitting hundreds pages of the application document to ICANN, GMO Registry was finally accredited as Registry operator in July 2013 and started to operate ".nagoya" in February 2014, ".tokyo" in April and ".yokohama" in July.
These GEO TLDs are expected to deliver the value of geographical names in various fields such as travel, commerce, culture, sports and regional vitalization to both inside and outside the country.

2016 2016

GMO Registry becomes the Registy Operator for new gTLD, .shop

Four years after GMO Registry first applied to become the Registry Operator for .shop with the vision of building a new home for ecommerce, GMO Registry battled six other applicants in an epic 14 hour ICANN public auction, eventually securing the right to operate .shop for a record breaking USD 41.5 million dollars.

2017 2017

.shop registration opens is China

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China awarded .shop a license to operate in China on December 28, 2016, and .shop officially launched on China on January 11, 2017. .shop was warmly welcomed in China by domain investors and the broader domain community and more than 20,000 .shop domain names were registered in China in the first month.