Our Top Level Domains


.shop is a new gTLD that clearly represents a "shop".
It is not only suitable for EC websites but also for brick and mortar as well as service providers to deliver information.

The most valuable domain name

.shop was chosen as the most valuable domain name among more than 1,000 kinds in the preriminary survey.

※sedo 「Top Ten NewgTLD : Value Analysis」

Amazon and Google also aimed at .shop

8 companies including Amazon and Google participated in the auction to win the right to operate .shop.

Making a new record of pre-launch phase applications

It achieved the largest applications ever during the priority registration period exclusively for trademark holders.

.tokyo .nagoya .yokohama .tokyo .nagoya .yokohama

These are new TLDs that represent Japanese cities, "Tokyo", "Nagoya" and "Yokohama".
They are ideal for the corporate website whose head office and branches are located in Tokyo, Nagoya and Yokohama, or those running related business in these cities.
Also they are open to everyone and everywhere, from personal to corporative, domestic to international.

Technical and Operational Support Services
for Top Level Domains

Brand TLDs

Traditional domain names such as ".com" and ".jp" can be replaced by corporate name/brand name.
40% of 1,930 applications were dominated by the so-called Brand TLDs in previous round in 2012.
The brand TLD which enables exclusive use on the Internet is expected to be huge benefit to corporate branding strategy and there is a general forecast that Brand TLDs will be even more dominated in the applications of the next round (around 2019).

Brand TLDs Brand TLDs

These are some of the advantages of operating Brand TLDs.

Enhancing corporate brand
Short and memorable addresses such as "productname.brand" provide visually powerful effects to consumers.
It is a highly distinguishable marketing tool which differentiates it from other websites.
Comsumer security and credibility
Exclusive license prevents the risk of abuse and helps to build mutual trust with consumers.
Centralization of management
It is possible to consolidate products as well as services and manage them under a single Brand TLD,
Consolidated management also helps to enhance compliance.
Image of Brand TLDs
".com" or "" → rent a room Brand TLDs → own the building! ".com" or "" → rent a room Brand TLDs → own the building!
Our clients (Direct)
  • .canon
  • .datsun
  • .dnp
  • .gmo
  • .goldpoint
  • .goo
  • .hitachi
  • .infinity
  • .jcb
  • .kddi
  • .lotte
  • .nhk
  • .nico
  • .nissan
  • .otsuka
  • .suzuki
  • .toshiba
  • .yodobashi
Our clients (Indirect)
  • .bridgestone
  • .brother
  • .epson
  • .firestone
  • .fujitsu
  • .hisamitsu
  • .honda
  • .hyundai
  • .kia
  • .komatsu
  • .lexus
  • .lixil
  • .mitsubishi
  • .nec
  • .panasonic
  • .pioneer
  • .playstation
  • .ricoh
  • .sharp
  • .softbank
  • .sony
  • .toray
  • .toyota

Please feel free to contact us if you consider application.

  • Brand TLD application consulting
  • Brand TLD management support services
  • Building and managing registry system
  • Administrative tasks such as operation policy development
  • Domain name registration management service


.okinawa .ryukyu .kyoto .id .okinawa .ryukyu .kyoto .id

GMO Registry provides registry operational assistance to GEO TLDs, ".okinawa", ".ryukyu", ".kyoto",CC TLDs, ".id" of Indonesia
We will help operation of your domain with beneficial experiences attributed to domain registration services provided by GMO Internet group such as "" and "Muu Muu Domain".

Registry System Operational Services

We will build a registry system and provide operational and technical support for your new gTLD.

Technical Requirement Examples of System Development and Operation
  • Registry database construction
  • Stable DNS service
  • Billing and collecting system
  • Data backup system
  • Technical support for registrars

Marketing Support

Providing support for planning and executing the marketing strategy such as pricing of domains for registrars and consumers,
planning and executing promotional strategy, expanding the sales channel and following up with various implementation.

Marketing Support Examples
  • Pricing of domain names
  • Branding
  • Planning and executing promotional strategy
  • Expanding the sales channel
  • Following up