.nagoya is a GeoTLD for the city of Nagoya, in Aichi prefecture, Japan.
The purpose of .nagoya is to promote Nagoya and provide an opportunity for citizens, businesses and community groups to link their identities to the city's brand. By bringing together quality and informative content, .nagoya provides a platform to effectively deliver city information to Internet users both locally and globally.
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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the world's largest urban economies, known for innovation in technology, luxury shopping, and world-class cuisine.
From kabuki to anime, the city is a hub for both traditional and modern Japanese arts, it is home to the largest number of cultural assets in Japan, and has the most Michelin star restaurants of any city in the world.
.tokyo is a GeoTLD for Tokyo that instantly identifies Tokyo businesses, products, people and communities online and is also ideal for businesses and individuals worldwide looking to link their online identity to Japan.
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Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan, and the capital of Kanagawa prefecture. The city is a popular tourist destination offering traditional and modern culture, history, sports, arts, architectures, and foods of Japan. The mission of .yokohama is to establish an online presence for City of Yokohama, and provide secure, and meaningful name space for communication.
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